Tulsa Users of Macintosh Society

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Tulsa Users of Macintosh Society


The Tulsa Users of Macintosh Society (TUMS) was formed in October of 1984, the year the original Macintosh computers were introduced by Apple.


TUMS is a membership organization, dedicated to the edification and strengthening of the Macintosh/iOS community. Macintosh/iOS users are encouraged to participate in the monthly meetings through discussion, and everyone is welcome to attend.

Next Meeting Currently Scheduled for

May 17, 2024

June 21, 2024

Woodland Acres Baptist Church

5511 S Harvard Blvd,  Tulsa

Send for more information at info@tums.org

(Note: currently meeting the third Friday of each month)

Welcome to Oklahoma's Premier

Apple User Group

10 Reasons to Join TUMS

Knowledge - Members all bring their own experiences and are willing to share. Get your questions answered.

Education - Learn about new products and additional ways to use what you already have.

Social - Make new friends with a common interest.

Teach - Find out how rewarding it is to share your knowledge.

Savings - Get support for your devices and discounts from various vendors.

References - Let you fellow members tell you about local and national resources.

Contacts - Meet people for business and personal reason.

Community - As we grow, we will be able to help other organizations in the community.

Free Stuff - Often there are door prizes and raffles.

Fun! - It is always more fun to do things together.

The best way to gain the most from a user group is to be involved.  Help run the meetings, help with organization, publications, publicity, and membership growth.  I have found the more that I do, the more I get out of it in the end.

The more the merrier.